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We've Programed Your Brain!!! Add This Site To Your Favorites!!! Sign The Guestbook!!! Go Smoke A Bowl!!!

Welcome to the Baltimore Stoners website, we are a bunch of potheads that live in MD and decided to help out potential stoners, or pro potheads
..thus being.....the creators, also featuring some of Topher's bong designs. We are updating regularly our picture gallery, bowls and bongs page, our info page and alot more! All of you stoners across the country, we would like to introduce you to the greatness
of Baltimore....


Oh shit, how the fuck are you all stoners doin??! It's been a long time, haven't been on the comp much, dont think i turned my back on you all! Just know that mad shit will be done in the next week, and keep tellin your friends about baltimore stoners, this site aint laggin like all those other fucks. Later!

Heres a preview of our shit on the other pages!.... I know is kinda hard to navigate with one hand on the computer
and the other holding a bowl....But this page is worth seeing!!!
You can find how to make homeade Bongs, Bowls, and other shit so
you can toke right out of your house!! Also, for the more
experienced toker, how to grow your own bud (on info page) so you aint gotta waste your moneys on dealers!!

Here is another poll....1/20/02

Baltimore Stoners
How Much Do You Pay For A Quarter Ounce of Weed?

Less Than \\$15
Fuck That I Grow My Own Shit!

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To check out last week's poll and other previous poll's visit the new Past Stoner Polls page.

Well, if your like us, and a couple other peeps we
know, then you want to become an expert on the drug, later on,
we will have some info. on the subject, Scooby snacks, weed lingo, mad bong designs, phat ass weed pics and more!!!

Sign the Legion of Stoners Book

Also for the people who rather be lit then high, Alcohol Fun can help you to escape dui's make your own mixed drinks and even how to serve up some sweet shotters. Then go to the guestbook and sign.....Include stories of fun times with weed...and include the biggest amount of weed that you have ever done and shit like that! Oh yeah just click the plant to the right to get there...................