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We decided to make this part of the website because there are a lot of potential smokers out there, that are just a little too scared to pack that bowl and toke!! Im gonna give you some info from my experiences about the necter of the gods... I feel like playing chief of Indian tribe, so grab a peace pipe and gather around kiddies.

Weed Lingo - There are a lot of words that are associated with marijuana, such as slang terms for the drug, and terms you can use while your smoking up!

Bongs, J's, and Pipes - This link gives you 5 ways to smoke your marijuana along with the pros and cons of all five of them.

Myths of Weed - Aren't myths wonderful. How do people come up with this shit?? Well, here they are. Check them out if you like.

Grow Your Own Bud! - There is only two ways to get good bud for free. One is to do a favor for the Mafia, but that one is a little hard.... and the next, more realistic way is to just grow your own!!!

The Truth Behind Marijana - This is the actual plain, cut and dry truth about your favorite little drug. This document may change your way of thinking, and the creators of this site are in no way responsible for the desicions that you make. (Legal Bullshit :~)

Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized! - Marijuana should become legalized because of all its uses. Click here to read about some of them.

Scooby Snacks - Got the muchies like shag and scoob? Well then why not get stoned while scarfin down some fuckin brownies and shit! See wut the real ingrediants in scooby snacks are!