Ok this little bowl right here is only for emergency purposes. Say for some reason you dont have any other way to toke up, and you dont feel like rollin one, then just pull this baby out and voila. This will prob cost you about $.50 to make and will give you a good high.

Here is what you will need to make a poor mans bowl.

First you need a socket, and it has to be pretty big. Go to a hardware store and steal one or if your a pussy you can buy one for like $.50 and you can get a screen out of a faucet but be careful because they are made of aluminum. Burn them for al ong time without breathing in the fumes cause its killer on your lungs. It's best to just buy a pack or 5 screens from a gas station for a buck. Well all you do is take the smallest end and put the screen there. Then just pack it, tilt your head back, light and toke. This is a good thing to have around when your really lookin for a buzz.