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Leaf made with Microsoft© Paint by Rich Siemek
McDonald's New Slogan....

Blue-Berry Weed......(Yummy!)
  This little guys momma taught him well...

Keep on smokin kiddies, you want to be cool like pikachu dont you??

Crystal-Lined Weed....High class shit right here!

Well, do you??

Umm....wow, that's gonna be a big hit....
hehehe.....what the fuck has the world come to? Now even cartoon characters are tokin.

Please enjoy your stay....
Ahh, so that is where clouds come from.....Angel's tokin...

I wonder if they know there is a big pot leaf behind them??
Man thats a lotta pot!

Yup, that's one of the only downsides to this decidious little plant, you forget stuff...: - (
It's not crack, but your usin a crack pipe!
And when you were a kid you wondered why Garfield always ate? I guess you know the real answer now...

Rich's dog Champ stoned as shit!
This is one phat ass bong!

That bastard Bert! He's a bad influence on Ernie. He is one evil motherfucker!