The Double Hitter is a great way to toke when you got peeps over. Toking out of a Double hitter, is kind of like a competition to see who gets the most smoke on every hit. This version of a double hitter is water filtrated and was designed by Rich and Jay. It will take you a couple hours to make if you take your time and actually put some effort into it.

Here is what you will need to make a Double Hitter.

Ok, this bong is pretty hard to explain, thats why Baltimore Stoners makes these easy animations so you can understand better!! We care about our weed blazin buddies!! Anyways, well first of all, take two of the three soda bottles and cut them in half, so they are both exactly the same size. Then wrap electric tape around the top of those. Then take the tall 20oz bottle, and make a hole in the cap, tape a socket or bowl to the top, then at the bottom of the cap fit the tubing so it is a airtight seal. Make the tubing long enough to touch the bottom of the bottle from the cap. Then about an inch or two less from the halfway mark make two holes exactly oppisote from each other. These are for the PVC tubes. Cut two tubes to the same size, about 4 inches. Then put one in each hole you made. Wrap tape around it to make a good seal. Then the two bottles that you cut in half, make one hole in each one directly aligned with the tube from the tall bottle. Put the PVC in that hole and tape. Then at the tops of the two half bottles, make a hole in the tape and put another tube there so you can suck. Also wrap some tape around it to make a good seal. Do this to both of them. Then fill each cavity with water, but do not go up to the tubing. The reason why the two half chambers are filled with water is to take up room so no air can be there. If there is too much air, then the bong wont work. Then just light and have both hitters suck as hard as possible. This will get you fucked up pretty quick and is a pretty fun project to make and use. If you want, you can glue it to a wooden base and have it on display.