Weed Lingo

Weed Lingo

Stool Pigeon - This is a person that blows out the marijuana while they are smoking, its also a person that keeps coughing after a hit.

Fried - This is where you are coming down from being stoned, it creates an intense feeling of drowziness, very tired, also a very cool stage.

Baked - This the next coming down stage after being fried.

Burnt - This is basically the morning after, its like a cool hangover. You feel extremly tired, and is pretty hard to concentrate.

Toasted - My friend Laurie, who is just starting to discover her marijuana roots, came up with this one, so I put it up here.

Beat - This is where there isnt even resin left over, its just ashes and you can no longer get any smoke off of it.

Cashed - A beat bowl full of ashes.

Hit - This is the amount of smoke you take in each time you inhale.

Toke - This is also known as Toking up, smoking marijuana, gettin high.

Stoned - The ultimate in smoking marijuana, this is the highest of the high that you can get. You know your here by doin a little self test that we made up, try to act completly cool for 10 seconds, if you can't, and you start laughing, then your there, but this doesn't mean to stop smoking, smoke a couple more bowls to make it last longer.

High - Just before you become stoned.

Buzzed - Just before you become high.

Weed, Pot, Cannibis, Bud, Skirb, Smoke, Herb, Hemp, Cannabis, Dope, Grass, The Necter of the Gods, Refer, Mary-Jane, Marijuana - Slang term for Cannibis Saltiva.

THC - The complete name is Delta -9- TetraHydraCannibinol Which is the psychioactive ingredient in Marijuana that gets you high.

Fire Eater - This is the term for the person that sucks in the bong or bowl so hard that the cherry comes out the bowl part.

Cherry - Named after the weed in a bowl being burnt.

First Hits - This is used as like a child hood play game when you say shotgun to sit in the front seat. First Hits is the person that hits the fresh J or bowl first.

Second Hits - Calling Dueces.

Rotation - The direction the grass is passed. I usually go counter clockwise.

Scrape The Sides - This is what Topher likes to do. It's where you mix the weed around in the bowl and light the bowl for an extremely long time.

Scrape, Lumber, Rubbish - Ashes, Seeds, Stems, shake. Pretty much resin or shake.

Shake - This is the bud at the bottom of the bag that is already broken up when you buy a bag, usually is full of seeds.

Cake (cashed ash) - This is basically where you just clear out the bowl by blowing out the ashes.

Compressed - When you buy your weed, depending on the dealer, if it is in a plastic lunch baggy, it might not be broken up, once it is all broken up, then it is equal to the amount that you bought.

Bud - The part of the plant that gives the best results when smoking.

Shwag, Brown Frown, Brick Weed - Basic weed off the street. Nothing good.

Chronic - Weed laced with other drugs, depending on the dealer; crack, heroin, acid, if ur unlucky you may end up getting riped.

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Nick - This is a 5% of an ounce, only costs \\$5 and you dont get much, dont buy this much if you plan on smoking with three fat people.

Dime - This is 10% of an ounce, only costs \\$10, but you get a little bit more for your buck. Also dont smoke this with three fat people.

Quarter (Q) - This is a nice amount of Mary Jane. You can smoke this with 3 fat people if you want. It costs \\$25, and can last for a little while, depending on your smoking habits.

Ounce (O) - This is a lot of fuckin pot. Equal to 4 Q's, and could cost you anywhere from a \\$100 on up. This you can share with three fat people and still have a whole shit load leftover!!!

Pound - 2 words, 16 ounces

Psychosis - This is a very rare feat, and only happens for a couple secs, but it is well worth it!! You might see something move, or something appear somewhere, then disapear. Very freaky!!!

Munchies - Everyone knows what this is. Munchies rule, its during the stoned/high stage of your buzz, where an intense hunger sets in. Maybe this is why Americans are all fat?

Kotten-Mouth - During the munchy stage, kotten-mouth is already happening. It is when your mouth is so completly dry that you can barely breath. Chewing spearment gum while toking helps a little and also makes your throat taste good while the smoke travels down it...You dont really notice that you have this cintum untill somebody mentions it.(then you beat their ass!)

Paranoia - Usually happens to first time users. It's an intense fear of anything. Feels pretty cool. But kinda sux donkey balls.

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Bong, Bowl, Blunt, Joint - All ways to smoke your bud.

Bong - Bongs can come in all shapes and sizes and vary by: Glass, plastic, water, air, design, tube, legnth, etc.

Bowl - A portable way of smoking. Either known as a pot pipe or the peice off the stem of a bong.

bLunt - Another portable way of smoking. A cigar of some kind wraped with weed or a fatty.

Joint - And one more portable way of smoking. Marijuana cigarretes are known as J's, doobie(joints)

Stem - Know ass the branches left in your weed mixed with the bud. But it is also a part of a bong used as a small tube connected to the bowl.

Clam Bakin, Mushroomin', Toagin - This is where you get into a car or a completley enclosed room, with all the doors closed and the windows shut, and start smokin. You just keep on breathing in the smoke so you don't waste a drop!! Burns the fuck out of my eyes tho

Nigger-Lippin - This is a saying used for when someone gets the joint or blunt wet by slobber..which seals the hole and forces you to cut it to open it back up!