The Phat Little Guy, The Mason Jar Bong

The Mason Jar Bong is much like the rest of the bongs on the Baltimore Stoners website but this one is by far the easiest to make. If you cannot make this bong than you should like die or somethin, but anyway, first look into your refrigerator and grab a mayonaise jar, or a mason jar, something made out of glass with an aluminum like top. The size is up to you, if you want a small single hitter, use a small jar, if you want a bigger single hitter then use a bigger jar. I personnaly like the bigger ones cuz you can take bigger hits with these.

Here is what you will need to make a Mason Jar Bong.

Ok this one is pretty simple. Just unscrew your lid off of the jar. Then make 3 holes. One for the bowl and stem, one for the carb, and the other as your breathing hole. Make the carb in the middle of the lid, and the bowl and breathing holes on the oppisote sides. Make sure that the stem is inside of the water, and the straw or tubing isn't. Now just pack one and toke. Hold the carb until the chamber is filled with smoke, then release. Happy Tokin!