Past Polls

What is the best way to smoke weed?
And by a close margin, the winner is....WATER BONG.
To see how to make a water bong check out the Bongs and Bowls page.

What is your rating of this site?
Well with a bang fucking awesome the best rating won the tossup. But its also pretty gay that some stupid motherfucker had to give the site a fucking Not Even Cool When I'm Stoned rating. If this paragraph looks all fucked up, it's not my fault dude, I'm toked as shit, kb rocks!

What is the most amount you and your tokin buddies have smoked in one night?
We sure do have some major tokers out there! How can you all down that much? Well you stoners rock! Later.

What Marijuana term do you use the most?
  • Marijuana - 4%
  • Bud - 20%
  • Weed - 43%
  • Pot - 13%
  • Shit - 1%
  • Mary Jane - 4%
  • Other - 12%
Weed is usually the term I here fellow stoners use the most, but I myself like to say pot. It sounds more experienced than weed, but still has that glorious little ring to it. lol Later Stoners!

Which Bong Do You Like Most On The Baltimore Stoners Website?
  • The Snorkel Bowl - 4%
  • The Soda Can Bowl - 0%
  • Bottle Bong - 4%
  • Gravity Bong -25%
  • Double Hitter - 4%
  • Knife Hits -8%
  • Water Cooler 4 Hitter - 20%
  • Poor Man's Bowl - 4%
  • The Reactor - 16%
  • The Mason Jar Bong - 12%
As I suspected, the greatest smoking device ever created won the tossup. The Water Cooler 4 Hitter came in second which is also pretty phat, but my alltime favorite has gotta be the good ol' gbo. To check that shit out click here

What Kind Of Bud Is Your Favorite Kind?
  • Skunk Ho! - 11%
  • Hydro Bitch! - 50%
  • Mother Fuckin Northern Lights! -22%
  • Good Ol' Brick Weed - 2%
  • Crazy Ass Creeper Weed - 9%
Hydroponic Marijuana won this one. Hydro is just plain weed but grown differently. To check out how to grow Hydro check out the Growing Page!