Growin Your Own Bud, huh?

Marijuana is a plant that contains the chemical THC (delta-9-tetrahyrdocannibinol) which is a psychioactive ingredient. Just about all parts of the plant are smoked even including the male flowers too. Depending on which part you smoke, depends on how high you will get.
Growing Marijuana isn't too difficult, but even though it is a weed, it still takes some very special care if you want good bud. The trick is to get seeds from the best street bud you can find, or your favorite. Only use seeds that are shiny and black, and do not have cracks in them. Pale ones are no good. When you plant the seeds, plant around 3 or 4 of them. Because they will not all germinate. Give them sufficient water and light. Now some people like to go all out and buy water gauges and shit like that. I myself am a poor mother fucker, so i just stick my finger in there. Also, do not give it too much light. 18 hours of light or more, is too much, it will grow too fast and too tall, but also, don't give it less than 12 hours. Be patient. If it grows too fast, it wont be good. Also, the plant will grow in 70 degree weather, and do not add any fertilizers for at least 2 weeks.

Growing indoors is the easy way to grow. You can regulate the temperature, you can keep an eye on it easily, and you can regulate light intake. But, if you are a kid in high school like myself, then it is gonna be kinda hard to hide it from your parents. Set up a little growing plantation with small pots to start off with, once they get bigger, you'll have to transplant. Give them good water intake, and light intake. If you use a grow lamp, keep it about 12 inches away from the plant or else it will wither away from the heat. Also, don't use incandescent light bulbs, they are a huge waste, instead use flourescent light bulbs which will guarentee less money, and more females!! You must give it decent air filtration, keep a fan next to your plants on low. If you want, you can add minerals to the soil, but I never have.

Outdoor growing is where I have done most of my growing at. From experience I have found that starting them in an enclosed environment in your house is the best way to start them out, then transplant. Growing outdoors is also kind of hard because of pigs. Try to find a nice spot in the woods, or in your own backyard if you like. The hardest part about outdoor growing is other plants. Other plants around it roots are there too, and will take all the water and strangle your plants. Another hard fact is the temperature. Your growing time is limited to certain months of the year if you live in a place like Maryland that has temperature changes. Your plant will need a lot of attention in the early stages of growing.

Getting hashish will take a while but is very well worth it. First plant your weed, you might want to do this indoors because it will be much easier. Once the plants sex is determined, immediatly take out the females and trasplant them into there own pot. Hopefully the plants did not become fertilized. If they did they will produce seeds and not hashish. If they do not become fertilized, then when the seeds are supposed to pop up, the plant will begin oozing hashish, just scrape it off, and put it in a baggy. Toke it out of a bowl, it will be much easier.

Here is a big question. When should I harvest my plants?? Well, usually you should harvest your females about a week after they get seeds. Some people just throw away the male plants, but I wouldnt recommend it. Pick your males once you can see the flowers and after your females are pollinated.