Well first of all if you look about 12-14 yrs. old your screwed because they
are gonna kick you out as soon as you come in. I have several TESTED methods
and the tips that have worked for me and will work for you, if mastered.


Well you must pick a store to buy your shit at. Well try to stay away from
those big chains like Liquors 'R' Us and M.G.M. Liquor Warehouse. Just stay
the fuck away from any chain of liquor stores. They usually have some type of
system set up where someone sits and watches the door and as soon as you have
walked in the manager of the store says you got ID ? Well that aint too cool,
making friends with the manager so quickly.
Pick a store that is all alone
that looks like its hurting for cash and needs some money no matter who its from even a kid.


Before you enter your victim's store make sure you know where the liquor is and
how much you are gonna get. Buying MASS quantities of liquor is BAD. Say you
wanna get toasted so you just get a 12 or a 24. Never try something like 2
cases... Because the more you buy the more the risk of getting asked for ID.


Well first of all you are gonna go in there and be cool and casual and easy
going guy. Remeber this, so you go in and you know where the shit is you
cruize over to it and pick it up like a man! Carry it over to the counter plop
it down and this is where you will start to shake and shit so remember calm is
a buy crazed is an ID check. So he should say thats $ XX.XX now give him the
cash preferably from a wallet. Now he'll either say ok thanx or do you have
I.D. well use one of the quotations I have listed below.


This really takes no brains but shit if you got a older brother use it. Bribe the fucker if necessary!


This type of buy is a little different. Wait for some COOL person like a legal
college kid to come by and ask him hey man could ya pick me up a XXXX for an
extra 3-5 bucks ? Like if your gonna give him 5 bucks get at least 2 cases of
beer. Remember wait for a cool looking person and do not approach him right in
front of the store. Come up to him as soon as he gets out of his car. Make
sure he's out of the stores view. Give him the money for the liquor and
the extra cash for his profit and get his license plate. Just incase the
fucker decides to crooze on ya. Well if that happens well then call the cops
say you were near the store and the fucker hit you. You weren't injured but
knowcked the wind out of ya and you got his plate. They will put an A.P.B. out
on him and once they catch him they will fuck him up on a hit and run charge.
Then fuck him up. He will regret he took your $10.00 bucks. But this rarely
happens so you really dont have to worry about it. If you can get someone to
buy for you, YOU HAVE IT IN THE BAG! You got the liquor for sure. Also tell
the guy to meet ya in back of the store or another place to hand the liquor
over since it is a crime to buy for a minor. What I've done is wait for the
fucker to get done then get in the car with him and have him drop you off or
somehting some where...Party down kid get fucked up.


Have your kid brother/sister go in and give the cashier a note that you wrote
saying " Please let my son/daughter get a 12 pack of beer for me signed
BULLSHIT MASTER " that might do it but remember you can only do this while the
little kiddies dont know what the hell the difference is between a liquor
store and a ceramic-tile place. This sometimes has worked just make sure the
kiddie can escape if held hostage. Be ready to break the kid out.


Another idea is to raid the fucking supply truck as they are unloAding it they
will bring in 3-4 huge cases of liquor into the store at a time. While they
are inside stacking the liquor you hop into the back of the truck and get a
case for good ol times and haul ass back to some bushes or somewhere you can
stash the shit until it will be able to transported to saftey.
Also liquor stores have cool shit throw aways go trashing
in their garbage but wear gloves for broken glass.
I got some pretty wicked life-size cardboard cut outs of
ELVIRA & Spuds Mackenzie!!! I hate spuds come to think of it.


I got a fake I.D. I paid some person at my states DEPT. of transportation make
me a fake license for $50.00 now I can buy. I suggest you go buy a CIRCUS
magazine or HIT PARADER for these magazines have numerous FAKE I.D.
applications no they just say get I.D.'s! Send in your state and name and age
and we'll print a legal I.D. for you! Well the catch is you send in $6.00 but
yes even these CRUDE representations of I.D. will work for the stupid/stoned
cashier at the liquor store. Hell why would someone work in a liquor store ?
Your bound to get held up, and the pay ain't good so why ? Well I'll tell ya
why... Because you get liquor at wholesale and fry heads who dont have any cash.


Here are some quotations we have used and are quite effective in amusing the cashier.


No, I left it out in the car.
No, I dont have any on me.
Well god damn it I dont, I lost it at a party.
No I dont have it, and dont give me any of this ID shit I always buy my beer.
I'm sure you can think of more...

I take no responsibility if you fry your liver becuz of this or if you get
suzie down the block pregnant. Meanwhile get drunk and fuck the
waysted women.