Dude, What's the Deal??

Dude, What's the Deal??

Smokin weed is like a social gathering. If your entertaining, (or supplien the scavengers), then you have to decide, how are you gonna toke your bud. There are plenty of ways to toke, but which way is the best your asking?? Well, it depends on where you smoke, or your definition of the best.


Pros Cons
Filters out carcinogens. Tends to be large and not easy to carry around.
Gives big hits, great to use at your house. You wont get as many hits from a bong as you will from a bowl.

As you can see, the only good time to use a bong is at your house, or over someone elses. Bongs will give big hits, and have very good water filtration with the smoke going straight through the water. This isn't as good a method as J's or bowls when going outside to smoke up, but is very effective.

Joints & Blunts

Pros Cons
Very portable. You smoke paper, which is damaging to your lungs(but so is weed so fuck it!), and it tastes bad too!!.
Throw away when done, so you have no evidence on you. You get mostly air,(which isn't good)unless you nigger lip, and then you don't get much smoke.

The J is the most portable of all three of the choices because all you have to do when you are done is throw it away, its the quick and easy way to get a nice buzz. Joint and blunt papers are specialy made to not smoke too much so the only person that will be effected by paper is the first hitters! This way of toking works very well becuase it doesnt travel though a bong so it comes straight to your lungs! Also, one J is the equivalent to about one bowl and a nice fat blunt could equal about 2-3 bowl fulls!(But it IS worth it!!!) One of the main disadvantages to J's though is when they are small, they start to burn your fingers and lungs to the extreme. Some papers also come in different flavors though and mint flavor effectivly reduses kotton-mouth! Also, the minus to these is the air thing. You will get air when you hit it if you do not nigger lip it. But nigger lipping isnt good because you dont get as much suction as you should. And one other thing, J's burn fast, while you are holding your hit, or passing it, it is still burning, which is a huge waste. Only use this way if you have to sneak outside in the woods to toke up.

Bowl or Pipe

Pros Cons
Also very portable. And you can smoke the resin also!! Gives Kotton mouth to the extreme.
This wil give big hits, and the bowl wont stay lit as much as a bong will, so you kind of save weed. Each non fat bowl, will give about 9 to 10 hits. Isn't water filtrated so you smoke all the bad nasty carcinogens.

Hittin the bowl is always fun. Is gives huge hits, is very portable, and you can smoke the resin too. The downside to them is that it is not water filtrated. But depending on whether you care or not, this could be a thing you can live with. A bowl is very portable. Just pull it out of your pocket and voila. Do not use a bowl if you do not have a screen, or else you will end up eating the weed, and not smoking it.

Double Hitters

Pros Cons
Usually water filtrated, which is a plus on your lungs. You may not get the biggest hit of the two of you.
You are competing against the other smoker to see who gets the biggest hit...Lot's of fun!! Isn't portable at all. Only use this one kiddies if you are at your house.

Double Hitters are a lot of fun to smoke. They use a moderate amount of weed. Some bongs that you buy are double hitters with water filtration. A major plus with the double hitter is not one little drop of smoke gets wasted because two people are clearing the chambers. Also, it can be used for shotgun by both people blowing there hits in, and one person clearing it.

The Gravity Bong

Pros Cons
Quite possibly, the greatest way ever to toke. Uses a lot of pot, and a lot of smoke gets wasted if you do it wrong.
Gives extremly large hits, and is guarenteed to get you stoned in at least 3 to 4 bowls. Very easy to fuck up, try it for your first time only if you have a lot of pot.

The first time that me and Jay, used this shit, I got stoned off of the first bowl!!!! I couldn't believe how awesome this shit was. First of all, the cons to this method are acceptable, with wasting just about a bowl hit of smoke. If you can light the gravity bong with no problem, then you should be fine. The way the gravity bong works is not on gravity, but on suction. The water pulls down the smoke and gives excellent water filtration. Also, the person that gets the remaining smoke from it, will get the smoke equal to about a bowl hit!! Be warned, only use this method if you are a pro at smoking marijuana. You have to be able to take the hit that this thing produces and hold it for a while.

Eating Marijuana

Pros Cons
No smoke involved. You have to find a safe place to cook it. Dont't cook while your stoned!!
You get munchies and a great high all rolled into one!! Takes a couple hours to kick in.

Eating Marijuana is always fun. But only at parties. Cooking with weed will use a lot. Check out our Yummy Marrijuana recipes! Also known as...Scooby Snacks!!! for recipies on how to make Pot Brownies, Pot Soup(to take to school with you), and plenty more. Check this one out!!