Knife Hits is a technique not used that often, or by many people. One of the main reasons why is because of people permanently scaring themselves by doing it wrong. If you do decide to do this, be careful!! You can easily give yourself third degree burns. But beside that, if done correctly, you can get mad fucked up off of only a couple of tiny microscopic bowls.

What you need to toke with a knife.

First, take the 20oz. soda bottle, and cut the bottom off. Then take one of the knives, and torch it till it is red. Then put a little pot on the other knife, and put the 20oz soda bottle up to your mouth. Then take both knives and sandwich them together. Hold it there and it will start to burn. Now, the smoke is gonna be very harsh, and will supposedly get you fucked up faster then a gravity bong, which is a pretty enormous feat. But you have to be careful, you will fuck yourself up with burn marks if you dont!!!