What you are being told right now, is how to make the greatest smoking device known to mankind. The Gravity Bong is extremely effective. You are guarenteed to get stoned after about the second to third bowl. Why its called a gravity bong is unknown. The GBo actually works on water suction. You will get pretty decent water filtration with it also. This bong is very easy to fuck up. You should practice using it with no pot, and then once your good at it, then go ahead. Also, don't pack your bowls fat with it. You will waste a ton of weed. And remember, coughing after a hit will get you tottally stoned.

Here is what you will need to make a gravity bong.

Ok, the first thing to do is to cut off the bottom of your chamber. Try to make it as straight as possible, and make the cut about 1 and a half inches from the bottom. Now take the cap of the chamber and make a hole in the middle, try to let the bowl fit air tightly into the hole, otherwise, your gonna need tape. With a socket, just set it on top of the cap and tape. Now fill the base with water and lots of ice, wait till it melts before you toke. Leave some air room in the chamber for the next person by not filling it up with as much water, but still use a lot or you wont get proper suction. Now the hard part. Screw the cap on the chamber, but not tight. Pack the bowl, and light it while slowly pulling up the chamber. Dont pull the chamber out of the water. Pull it up until it is almost at the top of the water level. Then unscrew the cap and push down on the bottle, but dont wrap your lips all the way around it or the water will spill everywhere. Just keep your lips above it and push down. Take the whole hit and then hold it. Now after a couple bowls, you will be fucking done!!! On the gif below, i kinda fucked up just a little, the bowl never comes off on the gif, but you do want to take the cap off, or else you will lose weed.