As with mostly all the other bongs on this site, we call upon the knowledge of Topher the Stoner to assist us with construction. The reactor is an awesome double water filtrated bong. How he figured this shit out, thank the pot gods for that. You can make this bong right out of your bedroom, but it will take some effort, plus about \\$5 too. But trust me, it's well worth it.

Here is what you will need to make The Reactor.

  • A metal bowl, a wouldn't use a socket for this one. You can get one for a couple bucks that already has a stem on their at "tobacco accessory" stores.
  • A faucet screen is a must.
  • Strong Tape.
  • 2 Mountain Dew bottles, a 1 liter and a 20oz, you can use a 24oz, they actually work better. Notice that these bottles must be Mountain Dew.
  • A knife, or pair of scissors.
  • Lotsa water
  • Some PVC Tubing, at aquarium stores.
I'm going to try to write this in stoner terms, try not to get confused. The first thing to do is take the cap off of the 1 liter bottle and throw it away. Take the 20oz and turn it upside down and shove it cap first into the one liter. See how this fits in very nicely? Now, make your bowl and stem hole. Make it kinda high because you need water to take up the room of the air. Now near the top make another hole. This is for the PVC. Put one end of the PVC in this hole about 1/2 inch in. Then wrap some tape around the hole to make sure that it is airtight. Now, make a hole in the 20oz bottle so you can put the PVC in this tube. *IMPORTANT* Make sure that when you put the PVC in this hole that the end is touching the bottom cap, if you don't then you will get the suction action. It's not my fault, blame physics. Wrap some tape around here too. Now you have to make a carb. Make the carb a little higher than the PVC hole on the 20oz. Now heres the last step. Cut with the scissors or a knife about 1 or 2 inches off the top. This is where you will put your mouth. Now all you have to do is fill the bottom chamber with water, but be careful when you take the 20oz off. Fill the chamber as much as you can, but don't let it go past the stem and bowl hole. Put the top back on, and then fill the top with water. Don't let the water in here go past the PVC hole. What I like to do is instead of filling it with water, just throw a bunch of ice cubes in their. It works fuckin awesomely! The reactor got its name by me and Topher toking with it in a black light. It looks all nuclear and shit! And of course, I took the liberty to make one of my famous drawings so you can refer to the drawing below for help.