The Bottle Bong is a favorite of Rich and Jay's. This is one of the, or maybe the first thing that we have ever smoked out of. This will get you stoned, and gives the best water filtration around. Also, remember, you are your bong water....Change it often. I usually like to change myn after every 3 or 4 bowls, to ensure good filtration.

Here is what you will need to make a water bong.

First make 2 holes. One should be lower than the other by about an inch to inch and a half. The lower hole should be as small as possible, because this is the pens hole. Put the pen into the hole and make the pen almost touch the bottom, you might need to wrap some tape around the bottom for support. Make sure that hole is sealed off with some gum or tape. Also wrap tape around where the bowl and stem meet, so no air gets in there. Now just fill with water but about an inch away from the carb, or maybe just a little more. Now you should know the rest from here, just hold the carb, light and suck, once the chamber is filled, stop lighting and let go of the carb. The carb is kind of like a rush hole. It makes the smoke shoot into your lungs.