The Indiana Civil Liberties Union (ICLU)
Drug Task Force is involved in education and lobbying efforts
directed toward reforming drug policy. Specifically, we
support ACLU Policy Statement number 210 which calls for the
legalization of marijuana. We also support an end to the
drug war. In its place, we favor "harm reduction" strategies
which treat drug abuse as what it is -- a medical problem --
rather than a criminal justice problem.

The Drug Task Force also works to end urine
and hair testing of workers by private industry. These kinds
of tests violate worker privacy to no good purpose because
they detect past use of certain drugs (mostly marijuana) while
ignoring others (e.g., LSD) and cannot detect current impairment.
In situations where public and worker
safety is a legitimate concern, we advocate impairment testing
devices which reliably detect degradation of performance
without infringing upon worker privacy.